About Us 

Curiosity about things around you is a habit of Erudites. At The Socians, we bring you lesser known and discussed contents in an interesting and broad range of comprehensive and enlightening articles on the subject range from bizarre, crimes, occult, history & mystery, untold stories, mini-blogs, #MeToo and a forum to satisfy your thirst of knowledge and curiosity. We strive to maintain a balance of healthy scepticism and entertainment while never losing our sense of humour.

The Socians is all about the Philomaths who are not bounded by their age for learning rather are always curious about offbeat thing that happens or has happened around them. We always try to cover every piece of information regarding a particular topic so that to give our reader a validated reading experience. We hope you love our site and our interesting content leave you hours reading and nurturing your brain with our array of genres.

Why your Comments Are So Important To Us?

At The Socian, we give endeavours in getting facts and articles flawless to you but in this world of Internet misinformation and hype, sometimes we just don’t catch it all. This is where your precision opinion through the comments can be highly valuable if it’s missing some bits of information. So, do add insightful comments so that we can make The Socian a more interesting place and give the world a better insightful reading experience. Also, it is a great way to show your opinion and connect like-minded people.