13 Weirdest and Funniest Christmas Traditions in the World

Wanna know there is a custom to hide your broom or deck the halls with spider webs. Read the article to know more!

Flying Kite in India may End you up in Jail for 2 Years or a Fine of Ten Lakh Rupees or Both

According to an 80-year old law, Indians need the same permit to fly kite as flying the aircraft.

Bizarre Drinking Laws Around the World That Inspired Indian Government No Uniform Legal Drinking Age

Consumption of liquor in the Indian subcontinent has remained a boiling issue for several centuries.

Why Consumption of Chewing Gum is against the law in Singapore which Can Even Fine you $2000

In Singapore, it is legal to own a gun, marrying your cousin, but the consumption of chewing gum in the city attracts steep fines. Know Why?

What Makes Christianity Different From Other Religions? Know the Uniqueness of Christianity!

What Separates Christianity from Other Religions. Know what make Christianity so unique?

Adultery Law Section 497: Does men only Responsible for Extramarital Affair?Is Women just an object?

The liability of adultery was consideration of marriage as a sacred institution and punishment for the breach of the same.

Bizzare law of Naming a Child: Know in Which Country you Cannot Keep Your Child Name Yourself

It might sound strange and ridiculous; some legislators of certain nations around the globe have passed laws that govern the naming of child

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