Jediism: Online Prank Inspired by Film Star Wars, Now Became a Famous Religion! Read To Know More...

It started as an online prank. Jediism, the worship of the mythology of Star Wars But is it a religion, a philosophy – or just a joke?

Do You Know Walking Backwards may Bring Bad Luck to You? Know the Belief around the World

Walking backwards is already practically dangerous in real life and on top of that having a superstition about it is no news.

Does Broken Glass Means Fight in your Relationship? Read to Know the Truth Behind the Common Belief

Glass symbolizes the human relationship. Human relationships are easy to understand as well as hard to uphold like glass.

Don’t Walk Under the Ladder, Bad Luck may Stream Upon You! Scientific Reason Behind Common Belief

Whether you are superstitious or not, you probably have been warned not to walk under ladders, that you will bring bad luck upon yourself.

Is 666 Number of Beast? Know the Secret Meaning in the Final Book of Bible: The Book of Revelation

Six Hundred and Sixty-Six, “Number of the Beast”. In the Book of Revelation of the New Testament, chapter 13:17-18.

Deaths come in threes! Why Number 3 is Considered Unlucky? The Secret Behind Age-Old Superstition

“Teen-3 Tigada Kaam Bigada” (It’s Three, which has caused a disturbance in your work) ever heard of this famous phrase.

Why Hindu Consider Cow Dung as Religious....Know its Scientific Benefits

In India cow dung and cow urine are considered sacred things. Many Hindus believe that drinking the urine of cows is good for health.

Why Hindus Don't Eat Meat on Particular Day? Myth or a Secret Science! Discover Here!

Know the Secret science behind a common Hindu Practise of not eating meat.

Meaning of Karma from the Ved and Puranas and also the Shocking Scientifical Reasons Behind it!

“You will face your own karma someday” and “you get what you give, whether it’s good or bad” and so many other things related to karma.

Beginner's Luck: Secret Luck that May Work For You in Your First Game of Gambling

Playing any game for the first time and beating the masters of that game in the first few rounds, did that ever happen to you?

Sleeping with a Knife, Instead of a Wife: A Common Practise to Keep Knife Underneath Pillow

A knife under your pillow or on the bedside table, are you paranoid, prepared or just trying anything your grandmother or mother told you?

Know-How Finding a coin on Road Can Be a Luck Changing for You. Know the Belief Around the World!!

Did you know that finding even a penny is lucky enough because it is considered as good luck and can bring you good fortune.

Know Why Rabbits are Considered as Lucky Charm for Some while Some Consider as Symbol of Dark Force

A foot of hare or rabbit is one of those lucky-charms mostly used in the English-speaking countries (specifically the US and Great Britain)

Does Sneezing Mean a Bad Sign? Know Why Sneezing in Different Cultures is Belief a Bad Omen!

Sneezing in different cultures have a different set of beliefs about it.

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