The Story behind Your Caffeine Rush

Have you wondered how the coffee we cannot wake up without came into being and what history is veiled under its aroma? Read along

History of Chole Bhature: Know the Food that is as Popular as Beyoncé!

This food history and culture of eating together gave rise to the concept of street food, bringing people together to enjoy.

History of Scotch: Take Time Travel to the Remarkable Journey of your Favourite Malt Whisky!

The story of Scotch begins as early as the 15th century. Explore the full history of your favorite malt whiskey.

History of Barbecue: Barbecue Began about 1.8 Million Yrs Ago, Rather it is Older than Homo Sapiens!

Know the History of Barbecue: Barbecues are one of the favorite pastime and summer traditions for most of the Americans

History of Tea: Fascinating Story of Chinese Emperor Shen Nong & How it Came to India!

Served with either milk or water, drank either chilled or even hot, tea can be drunk anywhere. Black tea, Green Tea, chai, and many more

Origin of Kebabs - Know How it Developed from Lack of Vegetation Option to World Tastiest delicacy

Most kebabs trace their origin a long time back and have an interesting tale to tell. Here are some popular ones

History of Idli: Did Arabian Traders Invented in Fear of Offending Religious Laws? Striking Mystery!

The Idlis have become the iconic symbol of South Indian culture. However, more striking is the mystery regarding the origin of Idli.

Paneer: Historical Journey from Vedic to Portuguese Bengali Origin!

What is paneer? From its history to how to prepare it. Know the historical journey of paneer from vedic to protugese!

Know the History of your Favorite Christmas Cakes: Journey from a Simple Bread to a Delicacy!

Christmas without a cake is so incomplete. But do you know the interesting history behind it? Read to know more!

History of Gin: Know the Insane History of Gin From its Medical Beginnings to Smooth Spirit

Is Gin just a vodka flavored with berries?Read history of this famous drink, with key moments highlighting what makes gin.

History of Tandoori Chicken: Know The Origin that Dates Back to the Harappan Civilization!

Tandoori chicken is delicious and everyone knows it’s a dish popular all over the world. But where did it originate? We find out.

History of Masala Chai: Extraordinary Journey from Court of Great King Harshavardhana to Starbuck!

History of Masala Chai: A Quick Dive Into The Origins of India's Favourite Drink which is favourite throughout the world.

History of Butter Chicken: Know How The Spicy and Savoury Most Wanted Cuisine of India Invented!

Most of us are ready to have a gala party with a plate of butter chicken, but when asked about its origins, the majority goes blank.

History of Sandwich: Colonial Past that Most Patriotic Americans Wanted to Forget

Delve between the slices of bread and find out the story of this delicious portable dish!

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