Eastern State Penitentiary: Know the Hidden Story of the Terror Behind the Prison Walls!

Why the prison is often termed as 'Terror Behind the Walls? Read to know the story behind the haunted walls.

Faulkner House Books: New Orleans Hidden Bookstore Where Author William Pay Visits from His Grave!

Is the Faulkner Book House really Haunted? Few people claim that it is a host to spirits.Read to know the haunting story behind it.

12 Most Haunted Houses in the USA | 12 Scariest Haunted House in America that You Should Not Miss!

The US is filled with historical places, buildings that have convincing, scary stories that will definitely give you the feel of Halloween

The Whaley House: Visitors Experience Chills & See Shadows Moving. Know the Haunted Past Behind It!

The Whaley House is a mansion situated in California. It takes the paranormal enthusiasts on a complete tour of Greek style Whaley House.

The Sallie House - Demonic Ritual Traces Found, Experts Confirmed that Spirits are Lurking!

The Sallie House in Atchison, Kansas, will give you the worst nightmares. This house has been opened for self guided ghost tours

Amityville Horror House - A True Spine Chilling Story Behind Amityville Horror Movie (2005)

Out of all the houses titled ‘The Most Haunting’ places in America, this Amityville house situated in New York, is the queen of horrors

LaLaurie Mansion: Story Behind the Most Haunted House of The USA | Truth About its Haunted Mystery!

Do you love taking a tour of haunted places?If you nod to yes, the haunted LaLaurie Mansion must be on your bucket list.

Crescent Hotel: Know the Haunted Story Behind America's Most Distinctive Historical Hotel!

Crescent Hotel is the most haunted hotel in America. Many people have said that they had seen ghosts and weird apparitions. Know Why!

Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum: Know the Horrifying Story Behind the Creepy Abandoned Asylum!

A mysterious flashlight, tales of murder, and other experiences at one of the region's most haunted destinations.

Haunting Story of Bell Witch Cave: How a Ghost Can Foresee the American Civil war? Know the Mystery!

Bell Witch cave is associated with the Bell Witch, which tormented the Bell Family in the 1800s. It is one of most known places in USA

Biltmore Mansion: One of The Most Haunted Place in America! Why the Dead Family is still there?

The Biltmore Mansion is the most famous historical monument in Asheville, North Carolina. The mansion has one million visitors every year

The Franklin Castle: Doors Close & Open by themselves, objects move on their own! Why? Know Here!

The Franklin Castle, also known as the Tiedemann House, is a beautifully constructed palace in Cleveland, Ohio.

White House Ghosts - Return of Abraham Linkon Ghost to Aave his Country, America! Know the Mystery!

There are so many stories about the haunting of the White House, the house of the American presidents. Read to find out more

The House of Death - Bone Chilling Glimpse of Mark Twain & ghosts Haunting America over a Century!

Despite a picturesque, the house of death on 14 West 10th Street, Greenwich Village has a haunting history. Constructed during the 1850s.

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