"Man Without a Job is as Useless as Cellphone Without Battery", Why Men Must be Earning in a Family?

Why only He? Just because he is a man? So, is earning livelihood his ascribed duty? Why Men Must be Earning in a Family?

"It's After All, For Regular Sex That A Man Gets Driven Towards Marriage", The Patriarchy Preaches

"How can a wife get raped by her husband? It's his legal and marital right to have a sexual relationship with the wife.

Girls! Don't Laugh Out Loud (LOL), it Offends Others in the Society.

"Shhh! Girls shouldn't make much noise".
You should always put up a soft smiling face. And then laugh delicately.

Stop crying like a Woman! Does Real Man Don't Cry? Then Why Society has Such Obligation to it?

Mard ko dard nhi hota! The evils of patriarchy did not only crush the women section to death, but it had hard impacts on the male society

How Liberal Thinking Can Change the World Around You? Comment Your Views on it!

Liberal thinking is a utopia where one can be what one truly wants, rather fitting into the box carved by society, culture and government.

"Must have been the wife's fault…", Why is it always a woman's fault when her man cheats on her?

Some people believe that women are at fault for why men cheat. Do you think it's a woman's responsibility to keep a man satisfied?

20 Deadliest Assumptions about Girls that You Should Stop Immediately

Yes, we cry, we are emotional; we take things personally, and sometimes over-react to situations.

Women! You Should Know Cooking. Why Women Always belong to the kitchen?

"Can you cook", asked the grandmother, having a glance of her natured breasts and the "aged" face. "No". "Ewww, then what use are you of?

Does Girls Who Don't Wear Traditional Dresses are Sluts? High Time to Change the Age Old Mentality!

"The more She covers, the holier she is". The amount of skin visible on a woman is directly proportional to her being from a cultured family

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