Treasures of Dead Sea Copper Scrolls - 200 Years old Treasure Map of Hidden Lost Temple Discovered!

A criminal investigator deciphered the Dead Sea Copper Scroll, which is an enigmatic 200 years old treasure map.

Biggest Mystery of Aviation: Disappearance Of The Aviator, Amelia Earhart Left Everyone in Shock!

Amelia Earhart disappearance after she set off on her ambitious global flight Electra in 1937 that has captivated people to till this day.

Pascagoula Abduction - Two Men Claimed To Be Abducted By Aliens. Know Why UFOlogists Believed this!

Charles and Calvin claimed to be kidnapped by aliens in Pascagoula.Many UFOlogists published books on this incident.

Kentucky’s Meat-eor Shower: Strangest Event in History When Kentucky Experienced Raining Meat

On 3rd March 1876 caused bewilderment in the minds of people as in Kentucky wasn’t having any normal rainfall but was raining meat.

Dancing Plague: Epidemic Disease where 400 People Dance on the Street till Death

The dancing plague of 1518was a strange phenomenon which yet, after 5 centuries has no tangible reason or concrete evidence regarding origin

Saddle Ridge: Unsolved Mystery of U.S. Biggest Hidden Buried Treasure

Famed with the name of The Saddle Ridge Treasure, the 1,411 liberty head gold coins discovered along Saddle Ridge are worth 10 million USD.

The Tragedy of S.S. Ourang Medan: True Mystery of the Ship that Vanished in The Straits of Malacca

The truth behind the death of the crew members of S.S. Ourang Medan still remains a mystery, how a ship Vanishes in The Straits of Malacca.

ALERT: Shocking Truth of Coronavirus Revealed, China Discovered Coronavirus 15 Years Ago in a cave!

A group of scientists around 15 years ago discovered a cave that held identical corona viruses responsible for killing millions today.

Yekaterinburg Fireball: What Lit the Night Sky of the city of Russia into Day that Shocked Scientist

In the city of Yekaterinburg, an unexplainable explosion similar to fireball was spotted which stumped the majority of its citizens.

Know What Happened in Inuit village of Canada that Entire Population Vanished Without any Trace

Know What Happened in Inuit village at Angikuni Lake, where the entire population vanished without a trace, with its mystery yet unsolved.

Discover the Unbelievable Barmeja: Reddish Island that Disappeared in 1921 from the Gulf of Mexico.

The existence of Bermejaisland has been documented only in maps between 16th and 20th Century.

Crop Circles: Overnight Shocking Activity that Proves the Survival of Alien

Crop circles are large strange geometric patterns appearing mysteriously overnight made up of flattened crops.

Was Lizzie Borden Truly Innocent or was a Brutal Murderer? Double Murder that still Haunts the House

Glories haunted past with the setting of one of the gruesome mysterious double murder cases in American history: Lizzie Borden

MH370: Know the Secret Behind Sudden Disappearance of Malaysian Flight 370 that Shocked the World

The disappearance of the Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 has been deemed as one of the greatest aviation mysteries of all time.

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