Is sexual self-stimulation a sin, or just a harmless and natural way to release sexual energy? What do you thin? Read the article!

Is Polygamy under the Garb of True Religion is a Ridiculous Privilege Enjoyed by men?

Do you think polygamy is a religious tradition? Or just a disgusting custom in names of religious custom. Do read the blog!

Did God Create Men and Women for Each other's Pleasure? What you Think?

We think about happiness and enjoyment while talking about pleasure. Then why are people today questioning it as pleasure?

Christianity and Islam Still Encourages Patriarchy! Why? Females Cannot be Priests! Why?

Gender discrimination is no new topic for us. Would true religion do that? Does true religion require limiting freedom!

Aetherius Society: Know The Secrets Rituals of the Society who Pray Aliens as Gods!

Aetherius Society teaches us a lot of things. Read the article to know the origin, secrets and beliefs of this society.

Blind Faith in Religion Destroys Our Ability to Critically Think For Ourselves!

Have you ever thought who gave you your concept God? Or are you just blindly following it? Know before it destroy your critical thinking!

Why is Religion Outdated in the 21st Century? Understand the Relevance of Religion in 21st Century!

Let's understand the real relevance of religion in the 21st Century, especially as more people have started seeking freedom from religion.

Are Christians Creating a Dangerous Atmosphere for Gay? Is it a Sign of True Religion!

Religious beliefs often come into conflict regards to sexual orientation. Is Christianity creating a threat to Gay? Read to know more!

Why People Believed that a Serial Killer is more Likely to be an an Atheist than a Believer in God?

What is the Religion of Serial Killer? Does your curious mind often think of it. Then this article is for you!

Scientific Beliefs of Raëlism: Join the Religion by Just Uploading your gene to a space computer!

Every Religion is bit different. But wanna join the religion where you need to Upload your gene to a space computer! Strange but True!

Why Do We Need Religion? Do We Really Need a Religion? World is Changing, Are You?

Religion has been a debatable topic for 21st century. But the most important question is do we need a religion? Read the article!

What if Harry Potter was a Religion? How Crazy Can You Go To Prove Yourself to be a True Harry Fan!

By believing in them and relying on them, readers have propelled the Harry Potter books beyond mere fiction. So Can it be a Religion?

Jogini or Devdasi: Practise of Sex Slavery in the Name of God and Religion Practise!

Jogini or Devdasi: A name unknown to most, but a name that carries a lot of stigma, a name that many young girls must bear the weight of.

Where Did Satan Come From? Which Religion Gave Birth to the Devil? Read to Know All about Satan!

Read on to find out about Satan -the idea that gave rise to popular cults, including the church of Satan, and rituals of how to summon Satan

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