What if Harry Potter was a Religion? How Crazy Can You Go To Prove Yourself to be a True Harry Fan!

By believing in them and relying on them, readers have propelled the Harry Potter books beyond mere fiction. So Can it be a Religion?

Jogini or Devdasi: Practise of Sex Slavery in the Name of God and Religion Practise!

Jogini or Devdasi: A name unknown to most, but a name that carries a lot of stigma, a name that many young girls must bear the weight of.

Where Did Satan Come From? Which Religion Gave Birth to the Devil? Read to Know All about Satan!

Read on to find out about Satan -the idea that gave rise to popular cults, including the church of Satan, and rituals of how to summon Satan

Why is True Religion Outdated in the 21st Century? Do We Really Need Freedom from Religion?

Now, it is important to re-examine the place true religion holds. Freedom from Religion has been in a debate. But is religion needed?

Satanism: Know about the Religion that Follows the Doctrine of Devil! Know their Scary Beliefs!

If Satan is here to kill, why do people worship him?Satanists are the ones who follow the doctrine of satan or devil.

What was Jesus really Look Like: Hidden Mystery of Jesus’ Appearances that may Leave You Perplexed

The stories related to Christ have led several scholars in exploring questions “What was Jesus really like?” and “Did Christ really exist”?

Blind Faith in Religion Destroys Our Ability to Critically Think For Ourselves!

Have you ever thought who gave you your concept God? Or are you just blindly following it? Know before it destroy your critical thinking!

Why is Religion Outdated in the 21st Century? Understand the Relevance of Religion in 21st Century!

Let's understand the real relevance of religion in the 21st Century, especially as more people have started seeking freedom from religion.

How Islam Began: Story Behind the Origin of Islam and the Expansion of Islam!

Islam is one of the largest religions in the world. The concept behind Islam interesting areas of study. Let's Know the Story!

Jediism: Online Prank Inspired by Film Star Wars, Now Became a Famous Religion! Read To Know More...

It started as an online prank. Jediism, the worship of the mythology of Star Wars But is it a religion, a philosophy – or just a joke?

Body of Christ: Why the Church is Called Body of the Christ? What Act of Apostles Say?

Many of us are aware of Christianity.But Have you ever heard about The Body of Christ? Do you know what it actually means?

Raëlism: The UFO Religion that Believes Elohim, an Alien, Created Life on the Earth!

Raëlism, also called Raëlianism, is a religion that is based on the existence of extraterrestrial entities using unidentified flying objects

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