Dr Hannibal Lecter: Serial Killer by Thomas Harris who Ate Flesh of his Victim, Know the True Story!

Was this character based on a true story? Is it real that Hannibal Lecter chopped his victims? What made him eat flesh? Read to know more!

Fred and Rosemary West: Story Behind Deadliest Serial Killer Couple who killed their Own Daughter

English married duo of serial killers and serial rapists who killed at least a dozen

H. H. Holmes: First Serial Killer In American History, Who Built A Castle To Commit Heinous Crimes!

Holmes, one of the most infamous and the first serial killer in American history. Dwelled in Chicago in 1886, he killed more than 200 people

John Wayne Gacy: The Killer Crown who Performed Magic Tricks and Killed People Brutally! Know Why!

What comes to your mind when you hear the name 'Killer Clown'? A clown killing people! Well, John Wayne Gacy from the USA was no different.

Belle Gunness(Black Widow): Most Known Women Serial Killer, Killed her Children & Suitors! Know Why?

Infamous as the "Bluebeard in skirts", Belle Gunness became America's one of the most dreaded serial killers.

Elizabeth Bathory (The Blood Countess): Bloodthirst Serial Killer who Tortured Youngs Girls to Death

Born in a Nobel Hungarian Family in 1560, Elizabeth Bathory, the most infamous serial killer of history. She is a step behind the Dracula

Jeffrey Dahmer: Gay Serial Killer who Kidnapped His Victim, Killed & Masturbated on Dead Bodies!

Jeffrey Dahmer was a Serial Killer and sex offender who commited 17 murders of young men and boys. Read this article to find out why!

Albert Fish: Story of Heartless American Serial Killer & Cannibalism Molested More than 400 Children

Albert Fish was one of the most notorious child serial killers of all time, molesting over 400 children and tortured and killed several othe

Top 10 Serial Killers of All Time in The World - What Unites Them? Way of Killing? Weapon? Cruelty?

The world has seen many serial killers. The list of these people committing inhuman crimes is endless. But these serial killers surpassed

Ted Bundy: Most Famous Serial Killer Famous For Kidnappings, Murders, & Rapes Of Young Girl & Women

Ted Bundy describes himself as “the most cold-hearted son of a bitch you’ll ever meet”, and his activities prove the statement true.

Andrei Chikatilo: Know how Childhood Abuse Turned a Man into a Such a Horrific Serial Killer!

Andrei Romanovich Chikatilo of Russia, Rostov ripper was accused of murders and sexual assault on at least 52 women and children.

Dr Harold Shipman: Know How Caring Doctor Became a Serial Killer & Killed His Patients Mercilessly!

An abnormal number of deaths were occurring in Abraham Ormerod Medical Centre Manchester. And most o deaths were the patients of Dr.Harold

Pedro Alonso Lopez: Story & 10 Unknown Facts about Serial killer Who Raped & Killed 300 Young Girls!

Pedro Alonso Lopez had been accused of 110 murders, but he claims he murdered 200 more.The police offered him chicken to get the truth out

Maurizio Minghella: Killed Prostitutes And Mutilated Their Bodies, Which Worked As Arousal For Him!

Maurizio Minghella, known by all as the most deadly and ferocious Italian serial killer. He killed prostitutes and mutilated their bodies

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