Why Arms are Straight While Walking But Bent While Running? Ancestral Behaviour or Scientific Reason

Running with bent arms and walking with straight arms are almost universal habits. But it leaves the reason why we bend our arms when we run

Why Do Cancer & Depression Go Hand In Hand? Know Sign & Symptom of Depression, Before It's Too Late!

Most cancer patients experience Depression, Extreme Loneliness during their Treatment. But Why?

Why Do Dogs Chase Their Tail? Do They Need Attention? Know The Reasons behind it!

Why Dogs Chase Their Tails? Is It Just Normal Dog Behavior? Sometimes, a dog chasing their tail can't just be a just normal behavioral act.

Why are We Stuck On a Particular Side of the Bed? Know the Psychological Trail Behind it!

If you share the bed with someone, you know that it is divided. You do keep your shit to one side of the bed, right? But why?

Why do Chimpanzees Throw Rocks at Trees? Is there any Psychology Behind It?

There is mystery why these chimps like to throw rocks at trees. Isn’t it? Here, you are going to know why chimps do that.

Why Does Screams Grab Our Attention? Know the Psychological Reason Behind It

What is it that makes screams so bloodcurdling and attention-grabbing? Know the Psychological reason behind it.

Why People Are Afraid Of Holes, Trypophobia: Psychological Reason or Some Deep Mystery Behind It!

Are You Afraid Of Putting your inside a unknown Holes? Scientist has proved everyone has the fear. But Why? Let us solve the mystery here!

Why Do Dogs Love To Ride In Cars? Know The Science Behind Why Your Dog Loves Car Rides So Much!

Watching a dog enjoy a car ride is a true delight. How does your dog feel about riding in your car? And most importantly Why they Love!

Why Do Male Honey Bees Try To Blind Their Queen after Sex? But Why?

The male bees try to temporarily blind the queen. They say love is blind, but if you're a queen honeybee it could mean true loss of sight.

Why Do We Have Ear Wax? Things You Never Knew about Ear Wax!

Medical term for earwax is cerumen, a naturally occurring substance in the outer ear. But why do we even have these ear boogers or ear wax?

Why should you talk to your plants? Know the reasons behind it! Does Talking Really Help Them Grow?

Do plants respond to voices? Talking to plants may sound a little dippy, but the idea that they respond to sound is anything but exciting.

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