This mummified head of a mandate from around 117-138 AD. He lived during the reign of the philhellenic emperor, Hadrian. His tight curls in his hair were fashionable in Egypt around the time of his death.

Gold leaf was applied to his face during mummification. Even during the waning days of old Egyptian traditions, mummification was still being practised. The Egyptians believed that gold was quite literally the skin of the gods. This is why at this point in their history, gilded gold was applied to the skin after death.

The Egyptians believed that a human being consisted of a mortal body together with immortal principles: the "ka" (vital force), the "akh" (invisible power), the "ba" (the wandering soul, capable of material action), and other elements such as the name and the shadow.

Mummification was developed early on in Egyptian history, around 2620-2500 BC and reached its peak during the end of the New Kingdom, around 1000 BC.