Why did Egypt prosper so immensely in predynastic times? Without the Nile could early Egyptians of flourished as they did?

The Nile was Egypt’s lifeblood. It was central to immense crop growth and an unending source of sustenance for the people who relied upon it so much.

Trade with other countries made it possible for Egypt to import and export goods that in turn strengthened diplomatic relations with near neighbours and far away allies.

Hapi - the god of The Nile was responsible for the floods that happened every year. These floods would inundate the land and fertilise it ready for more growth and more crops - ergo more food and commerce.

A perfect circle.

The ancient Egyptians respected the Nile and knew it was the source of their prosperity - but dangers lay within.

Crocodiles, Hippos and harmful bacteria flourished in the water. Being attacked by these fearful creatures was responsible for many deaths along the riverbank. Bacteria were rife and would claim the lives of countless ancient Egyptians.

The Nile was a kind of Ying Yang.

It gave life, but also took it away. Without the Nile, civilisation could not have thrived so exceptionally well.