Excerebration is the word we use for the ancient Egyptian method for removing the brain through the nose. Things are going to get a bit squeamish.

Greek writer and historian, Herodotus, said of the procedure... They first draw out the brain through the nostrils with an iron hook and inject certain drugs into the rest.

Herodotus didn’t go into much detail in this particular description but we know how the Egyptians removed the brain quite well.

It is known that a long, usually hooked, the instrument was inserted up the nostril. A small, thin piece of bone called the Ethmoid bone separates the nasal cavity and the brain. The instrument is pierced through this. Then, the embalmer would pull parts of the brain back out through the nose. After the brain was broken up and liquified, the corpse was placed face down on its abdomen so that any remaining liquid would empty out the hole.

They would then rinse the skull with water.

The procedure was extremely delicate and required a lot of skill. The face could easily be disfigured if done incorrectly.

Just so we’re clear, when I die, don’t put me down for mummification.