The last days of Cleopatra’s life are shrouded in mystery. I often wonder what she must have been thinking at this time.

Marc Antony had committed suicide and the Queen was now all alone.

Roman forces were closing the gap around the city of Alexandria and there was no way out. It is known that after Marc Antony died, she tried to starve herself but relented when Octavian (the current leader of Rome) made threats against her children if she continued.

She was also known to have suffered from some kind of illness between the funeral of Marc Antony and her eventual suicide.

What this illness was we may never know.

Whether these events and circumstances happened within days, weeks or months is not known. The Roman calendar for this period is unreliable, so dates that have come down to us need to be taken with a pinch of salt.

What we know for sure is Cleopatra took her own life rather than be taken as a trophy of Rome.

When she died, a part of Egypt died with her.