This is the mummy of Nesitanebetashru. She was a Priestess of Amun and daughter of High Priest Pinedjem II during the 21st Dynasty 976 BC.

Her mummy is an example of inlaid false eyes that were painted and placed under the eyelids to give the impression of everlasting eyesight - even in death.

The Ancient Egyptians were concerned with the preservation of eyes. They are extremely difficult to preserve.

This was a problem.

For a person to reach the afterlife and be able to see - the eyes needed to be in perfect working order. However, the Egyptians were fully aware that they decomposed extremely quickly. So they would craft alternatives.

Obsidian, Faience, Stone, Linen or Ivory was sometimes used as false eyes to give the mummy a more lifelike look.

To see the afterlife is to see serene beauty.