This is Maiherpri, an ancient Egyptian noble of Nubian origin who was buried in the Valley of the Kings. His mummy is over 3400 years old.

The fact this man received the honour of burial in such a divine place shows he must have been a man of great importance.

His name translates to Lion of the Battlefield. He had other names ascribed to him such as Child of the Nursery and Fan-bearer on the Right Side of the King.

The former title may indicate that Maiherpri grew up in one of the royal nurseries as a prince of a vassal territory. He lived during the 18th Dynasty, possibly during the reign of Thutmose IV.

His amazing hair is actually a wig that was glued to his scalp during the mummification process. Whether he was a prince, a bodyguard for the pharaoh or an advisor, he would have been proud to have been buried among the Pharaohs.

He died in his early 20s and his cause of death is unknown.