It has taken over 2,500 years to determine the cause of death of this woman. A seriously cold case.

This is the mummy of its Takabuti. She lived during the 25th dynasty (660 BC) of ancient Egypt and died when she was around 25.

When examining her body, investigators found stab wounds, suggesting she may have been murdered. The ancient wound was found on her back near her upper shoulder. The attack was violent and she didn’t see it coming. The strike was deep enough and severe enough to cause her rapid death at the hands of another.

CT scans also showed that she had two rare conditions. An extra tooth (33 instead of 32) and extra vertebrae.

Testing on her remains revealed her mitochondrial DNA is more genetically similar to Europeans than to modern-day Egyptians.

Her heart was found inside her body perfectly preserved.

I wonder why Takabuti was murdered? A strategic assassination? A jilted lover taking revenge? Or maybe she was assaulted and killed in a botched robbery.

We will never know.