An artists impression of what the Giza Necropolis may have looked like in the year 2560 BC.

At this point in history, the great pyramids were in immaculate condition. Their smooth sides would have reflected the sunlight during the day and the moonlight during the night. They would have been visible for hundreds of miles, illuminated like beacons. What a sight it must have been.

The Great Sphinx sits proudly. Fresh paint and polished stone indicate it was constantly retouched and maintained to look as impressive as ever. Obelisks that may have once stood on the site litter the scene. The sides would have been adorned with hieroglyphs and cartouches - carved deep.

The pharaoh would have strode through the passageways with his entourage of priests, scribes and guards, inspecting the Necropolis.

Ever watchful over his domain.