You are looking at the most famous Pharaoh who ever ruled Ancient Egypt - Tutankhamun.

The fame of Tutankhamun is a curious thing. He came to the throne at just 9 years old. He ruled for a short time and died prematurely at the age of 19. So why is he remembered as being the most famous pharaoh of all time?

When his tomb was discovered in 1922 by Howard Carter, the whole world listened. Stories and pictures of his undisturbed tomb were published around the globe. A huge surge of interest in ancient Egypt helped to make him a star. But why?

The fact that he was just a boy when he was elevated to the most powerful position on the planet helped to cement his fame. Plus, the mystery of his untimely death has sparked a debate that has been stoking for decades - with no definitive answer in sight. This, combined with the fact that his tomb was filled with some of the most exquisite treasures ever found - including his grandiose death mask, made him a household name all over the world.

Compared to other pharaohs like Ramesses II and Thutmose III, Tutankhamun achieved relatively little.

And yet the Boy King reigns supreme.