When Tutankhamun’s tomb was excavated in 1925 there were two mummified fetuses found in amongst the miscellany of funerary treasures.

Forensic science has confirmed that they were twin girls. Unfortunately, they were never brought to term. Ankhesenamun (who was Tut’s half-sister) was never able to provide a living heir for him and he died before a successor could be born.

The embalming was so well done that downy hair, intact eyelashes and eyebrows are still present on one of the fetuses. Mummification at its finest.

Unfortunately, the mummies of the girls have deteriorated over the years and are now in very bad condition. In 1978, radiographic examinations were performed on the larger mummy and it was concluded that the fetus suffered multiple congenital abnormalities of the scapula and spine, including neural tube defects and scoliosis.

This was likely the reason for their stillborn births.