Have you ever wondered how ancient civilisations interpreted dreams? The Ancient Egyptians, like many others, thought they were divine messages sent across the ether of space and time.

How to cure an illness, where to build a temple, an important business decision or even when to wage a war - all of these issues came in the form of dreams with which the Egyptians acted upon.

Dreams were answers to prayers and thoughts. Special temples were built specifically for summoning dreams. This is known as Dream Incubation. Ignoring dreams was frowned upon.

Like many people today, Ancient Egyptians kept a ‘Dream Book’ with which they would record their dreams. Such a book was found (written on papyrus) and dates back to 1275 BC when Ramesses II reigned supreme across all of Egypt.

The papyrus chronicles 108 different dreams from subjects such as weaving, drinking, breaking stones, seeing ones face in a mirror, climbing the mast of a ship, turning into a leopard, putting ones face to the ground and drowning in the Nile - a bad omen.

However, some dreams seem more familiar. Egyptians dreamt of their teeth falling out which is a common dream that people have today.