These are the mummified feet of Ramesses I. Each individual toe was painstakingly wrapped and carefully embalmed to ensure good preservation.

He died in 1290 BC which make these feet around 3300 years old. They’re in immaculate condition considering they were wrapped up before Ancient Rome even existed. Is mind blown?

Ramesses had a very short reign. When people think of Ramesses they usually think about his much more famous grandson, Ramesses II, who is arguably the most celebrated pharaoh of all time.

He was not of royal blood but instead came from a prominent family. Horemheb, who was Ramesses’ predecessor, made him his Vizier and he rose through the ranks solely by merit.

He was already quite elderly when he came to the throne and died after a reign of only about 17 months - a very short reign for a pharaoh.

However, if it wasn’t for Ramesses there would never have been a Seti I - who was his son. And without Seti, I there would not have been a Ramesses II.

Ramesses ignited destiny.