This is the mummy of Thutmose III. Known as the ‘Napoleon’ of Ancient Egypt, Thutmose created the largest empire Egypt had ever seen. He conducted a staggering 17 campaigns that ranged from wars with the Syrians to Mitanni. He conquered all.

Considered to be a military genius by most historians, he conquered most of the Near East and reportedly overthrew more than 350 cities. This is an astronomical number. To his people, he was an unstoppable divine god. To his enemies, he was a terrible and brutal slayer of men, women and children - ever eager to extend his empire far and wide.

As you can see, his face is in great condition considering it is 3444 years old. His forehead seems quite low, with deep-set eyes. The jaw is prominent, the lips are lengthy and the cheekbones are distinguished. When you look at statues of him it is clear that the artists’ took some liberty with his features. He doesn’t appear as divine as his depictions make him out to be.

After all - he was just a man.