This picture was taken just moments after the veil was lifted off of the death mask of Tutankhamun. As you can see, it must have been a staggering sight. Never before or since has such an elaborate death mask been found in such immaculate condition.

It had survived 3342 years snuggly fit inside 3 anthropoid sarcophagi, undisturbed and hidden away from the world laying in wait to be found.

The last time it saw sunlight was in 1323 BC. Ancient Rome was yet to begin, the world was viewed as a flat disc, the sun was thought to be a rising and falling god, the stars were thought to be droplets of milk and the smallest thing known to humans was a grain of sand - then it was hidden away.

The next time it saw sunlight was in 1925 AD.

Nightclubs were roaring on broadway, electricity was being used every day to make phone calls. People were flying through the sky in aeroplanes, cars were on the roads and it was discovered that there are 50 quintillion atoms in a grain of sand.

Over 3 millennia had passed and the Ancient Egyptian epoch had long since ceased to exist. But with the discovery of Tutankhamun, the whole planet turned it’s head and became fascinated with Ancient Egyptian history. Tutankhamun had reawakened.