This skeleton was discovered in 1907. The royal epithets on its ruined sarcophagus suggest that this is Akhenaten - Tutankhamun’s father.

The chaos of history can be confusing. Mummies were regularly moved in antiquity to deter tomb desecration and many mummies ended up in the wrong coffins. Sometimes more than one mummy in a sarcophagus. Identification can be difficult.

DNA testing on the skeleton proves that this IS the father of Tutankhamun.

The skeleton is in a dreadful state.

Akhenaten was a different kind of pharaoh. He forcibly changed thousands of years of traditional polytheism (many god worship) to the more unknown and unheard of monotheism (single god worship). His radical change was met with disdain and he was labelled a heretic by the pharaohs who followed him.

His skeleton reflects the attitude that the upper echelons of Egypt had for him. He has not been preserved at all. This may be because the embalmers wanted to make sure he never reached the afterlife.