That’s how many limestone blocks are estimated to make up the Great Pyramid of Giza.

Since the pyramids were built humans have visited and walked on the Moon, we have traversed the highest mountains, visited the deepest parts of the ocean, made breakthroughs in medicine, split atoms, flown through the sky in aeroplanes, made heart transplants, created artificial intelligence, we have built huge skyscrapers that seem to defy the laws of physics and we are currently planning missions to Mars and yet how the Pyramids were built is still somewhat of a mystery.

The blocks are believed to have been transported from nearby quarries and stacked on top of one another with near mathematical perfection.

How they did this is still up for debate.

Some of the blocks weigh up to 90 tonnes. Various hypotheses of construction include Giant ramps, Pulleys (even though they hadn’t been invented yet), Levering systems, Concrete casting, the fringe theory that the pyramid was made from the inside up using an internal ramp and many more.

How do you think the did it?