This is the mummy of Ramesses IV. He reigned between 1155-1149 BC. 3168 years ago.

He was found along with the mummies of Thutmose IV, Amenhotep II and Queen Tiye, along with many others. They were all found together because they were relocated during the Third Intermediate Period. This was because the upper echelons of Egypt were concerned that should they be found again they would be desecrated and destroyed.

Upon examination, it was discovered Ramesses’ mummy had already been ransacked by tomb robbers soon after his burial. His fine linen wrappings had been shredded and the amulets covering his body were gone.

It was ascertained that he was probably around 50 years old at the time of his death, maybe a little older. The skin on the forehead and neck were partly eaten by insects suggesting that his body may not have been mummified immediately. Perhaps he died far away from home.

His genitals have been intricately wrapped.

A pharaoh can’t go to the afterlife without his penis, can he? Nothing remained unmummified.