Women in Ancient Egypt had freedom and rights far exceeding women of other ancient societies. They owned land, were legally equal to men in court and managed property.

However, in a society dominated by men, women did not generally hold administrative positions and usually, they worked inside the home. Supervising their children’s education and organising the servants were full-time jobs.

Women were often employed as dancers, singers and musicians which were considered respectable careers of the upper-class.

They could also be connected to a religious cult or priesthood. Not only this but there is some evidence that women were connected in some way to the medical field.

In very exceptional circumstances women have ruled Egypt. Some of the most famous was Hatshepsut during the New Kingdom and Cleopatra during the Ptolemaic Dynasty. These women were born into the royal families and were connected by blood, religion and complicated familial situations.

All these things sometimes lined up so that a female was at the helm of Egypt.