This guy did something really really really bad. Contrary to the popular myth, he wasn’t mummified alive. However, he was involved in an elaborate plot to kill his own father. He succeeded but was caught.

This plot is known as The Harem Conspiracy.

The man pictured above is Pentawer, son of Ramesses III. With the help of his mother and several others, they planned to murder Ramesses so that Pentawer would inherit the throne and not Ramesses’ other son, Ramesses IV.

Ultimately they were successful in killing the king but failed to place Pentawer on the throne. Ramesses IV rallied the support of the high courts and prosecuted those responsibly. Brutal justice followed.

Pentawer was probably forced to take his own life. Others say he was strangled to death. The remaining conspirators were executed and their bodies were burned. This meant they were denied an afterlife - an Ancient Egyptians worst nightmare.

Because of his high status, Pentawer was embalmed. However, studies show that he was mummified hastily. The brain was not removed and his viscera were not placed into Canopic Jars.

His gaping, open mouth is a scary image. Killing your own father can have drastic consequences.

He was just 18 years old.