Nefertiti. A name that is known throughout the world as a beautiful Queen, a steadfast royal wife and a masterful muse to the heretic pharaoh, Akhenaten.

The bust of her face is undoubtedly one of the most exquisite and recognisable pieces of art in all of human history. It was discovered in an ancient workshop in Amarna, Egypt and dates to around 1345 BC. That’s 3364 years ago.

I’ve chosen this picture of her bust as I think it captures a side of Nefertiti we don’t usually see. Most of her face is hidden in shadow. To me, this represents the influence she would have whispered into Akhenaten’s ear. Giving him advice and offering her opinion during one of the most important periods of Egyptian history.

She faces away from us. As if she knows she failed in her bid to make Egypt bow to a single god. The light catches her beautiful features and shows us just enough to know her identity. She is Nefertiti.

An Icon of History.