I’ve had countless questions about mummification this week. You’re all mummy mad. So I’ve compiled a handful of facts. Hopefully, this will satisfy your ever curious minds! Check them out.

1. Ancient Egyptians used a huge amount of linen and wrappings to mummify a body. The linen on one mummy from the 11th dynasty measured 9,095 feet (845 meters), that's enough to cover three tennis courts.

2. In Ancient Egyptian mythology, the god Osiris was the very first mummy.

3. During mummification, ancient Egyptians removed all internal organs except the heart. They believed that a person was judged by their heart, and it was often protected by an amulet called the heart scarab.

4. Interestingly, the brain was considered useless. Ancient Egyptians believed all thinking came from the heart. The brain was discarded.

5. The main ingredient in the mummification process was natron (a type of salt), which was used to dry out the body.

6. Internal organs were removed and placed into Canopic Jars, ready to travel with the body to the afterlife.

7. Animals were also mummified. Most Egyptian deities were associated with a type of animal. So they would mummify them to give them as offerings to the god/goddess they represented.

8. Over 1 Million mummies have been found in Egypt.

9. Autopsies on mummies have revealed that ancient Egyptians suffered from many different ailments such as teeth abscesses, cancer, tuberculosis, smallpox and stomach ulcers.

10. Egyptians began making mummies around 3400 BC and stopped making them around 400 AD.

I hope this has satisfied that curious thirst for mummification that a lot of you have.