The Ancient Egyptian conception of the soul is made of up of different parts. They called it the Ka or Ba.

According to several creation myths, the world was brought into existence by Atum - an Egyptian god. He created the world using magic. Because the Earth was created in this way, the Ancient Egyptians believed that every living thing had a magic essence inside of it. Including themselves.

One of the most important factors of the Ka was the Heart. This main muscle was thought to be the seat of emotion, the thing that gave them life and the thing that makes all decisions. To ancient Egyptians the mind and the heart were synonymous.

Depending on the region, the Egyptians believed that the Ka or Soul was breathed into a babies body at the moment of birth. Either by the goddess Heqet or Meskhenet.

When a person died, offerings of food and drink were given to the dead. The Egyptians believed that to sustain the Ka, it must always be well fed and content - even in death.

An Egyptians shadow or silhouette was also attributed to their Ka. It represented a little bit of themselves. Sometimes a reflection of who they were, sometimes a sinister reminder of death and Anubis.