Frozen in time, this person was mummified sometime between 300-30 BC during the Ptolemaic Era.

X-rays have confirmed that the mummy is that of a man. His identity is uncertain but Egyptologists believe his name was either Nenu or Pachery.

His mummy is notable for the elaborate and rare facial wrapping. Usually, embalmers would wrap around the face to accentuate the features. However, in this case a geometric, cross-like the pattern has been achieved. Not something you usually see - but something more bespoke to the Ptolemaic aesthetic.

Based on the high level of mummification he was probably upper-middle class with some sway of influence. Maybe a successful business owner.

The band placed over his chest is adorned with sister goddesses, Isis and Nephthys. They protect his body, whilst Horus guards his internal organs that have been placed in 4 Canopic Jars.

The mummification of this person is so good that the body still holds its shape and looks as though very little decomposition has taken place.

It’s hard to believe he died over 2,260 years ago.