Ramesses II is possibly the most celebrated pharaoh of them all. He was impervious to the sands of time. He lived to the age of 93. This sort of longevity at this point in human history was almost unheard of. He reigned 1279–1213 BC.

Life expectancy at that time was 40 years, so to reach such an advanced age was seen as almost god-like. Indeed, his subjects worshipped him as a god and succeeding generations called him The Great Ancestor as a tribute to him.

The Greeks called him Ozymandias and he was subject to widespread acclaim and achieved almost mythical status.

He led Egypt to victory in many military campaigns and also signed the very first recorded peace treaty with the Hittites. It is one of the only ancient peace treaties where copies of both sides have survived.

He fathered around 50 sons and 53 daughters with many different queens and concubines. He was determined to have his royal blood carry on his legacy - at any cost.