The innermost coffin of Tutankhamun is made out of solid gold. Serious luxury was a must in the afterlife.

When Tutankhamun was found by Howard Carter, he had no idea why this huge coffin was so heavy. Turns out - it was mostly because it is made out of solid gold which was responsible for most of the total weight - a whopping 110.4 kilograms.

Adjusted for inflation, the total value of the coffin is around 1.7 million USD. The extravagant expense of this sarcophagus goes to show how much money royalty would pour into their tombs to ensure the most dazzling journey to the afterlife.

Gold in Ancient Egypt was used as far back as pre-dynastic times. (3,400 BC). Although most cultures value gold in monetary terms, the Ancient Egyptians viewed gold in a more spiritual way. They believed gold to be the skin of the gods.

Gold is an extremely rare material. In fact, it is so rare that scientists estimate that if all the gold in the world was collected and melted down, there would only be enough to fill about three Olympic sized swimming pools.