It is estimated that millions of cats and dogs were mummified during the ancient Egyptian epoch. Baboons were included. This baboon was mummified thousands of years ago as the ancient Egyptians associated them with the god, Thoth.

Thoth was the god of wisdom, writing, hieroglyphs, science, magic, art and judgment.

Animals were pampered and treated with huge amounts of respect, but when the time came they were killed for the sole purpose of being mummified. You and I may think this is somewhat hypocritical, but the ancient Egyptians didn’t view death as the end - only the beginning of the second part of existence.

Animals were mummified as votive offerings to the gods similar to how a candle is lit inside a church today. It wasn’t uncommon to sacrifice an animal to the gods as a way to appease them by currying favour.

Baboons and Ibis birds were so popular when it came to mummification that they became extinct in the region. Trade-in animal was a huge part of Egypt’s economy. Whole businesses and network systems were dependent on it.