A vintage photograph of Seti I after he was first unwrapped. His face is, in my opinion, the best-preserved of any Egyptian mummy.

He was discovered in 1881. When he was unwrapped by Gaston Maspero it became clear that he had found something spectacular. He is virtually untouched and undamaged. A remarkable feat considering most mummies were desecrated by ancient tomb robbers.

His face is wonderful. He looks as though he drew his last breaths only days ago. His hooked nose is a prominent feature and one that seems to be a Ramesside family trait.

He stands with his arms crossed over his chest in a regal pose. The splayed ancient wrappings give him a somewhat elegant grace thousands of years later.

He is Seti I. Who reigned 1290–1279 BC during the 19th Dynasty of Ancient Egypt. Father of Ramesses II. A legend in his own time.