The first thing you’ll notice when you see the mummy of Ramesses VI is ghastly and deathly splits in his face and skull. Now that’s an injury.

He ruled for around 8 years during the 20th dynasty of ancient Egypt. Sometime around 1137 BC.

His wounds were caused by tomb robbers who hacked away at him with an axe. This sort of violence towards a dead pharaoh was considered abhorrent. If caught, the tomb robbers risked death but the rewards were too tempting to ignore. He was buried with jewels, gold trinkets, amulets and other fineries.

Unfortunately for Ramesses VI, his journey to the afterlife was made impossible by these rampaging desecrators.

He was also known as Amenherkhepshef.

That’s Amen-herk-hep-shef.

Ramesses VI is easier to say.