This statue was found in Tutankhamun’s tomb. A true sentinel guard, it is one of two. They stood stoic and untouched for 3,247 years. He wears the traditional Nemes headdress which has become synonymous with ancient Egypt,

The life-sized statues represent the dead king’s Ka (or soul). They flanked the king’s burial chamber and are covered with gold.

The dark skin represents the fertile and rich silt that The Nile deposited each year, enabling the growth of new crops and thriving commerce.

Men were usually portrayed with darker skin because they worked outside, whereas women were portrayed with lighter skin as they spent the majority of their time indoors.

When this statue was sealed away in 1325 BC, the ancient Egyptians thought that it would accompany Tutankhamun to the afterlife. When it was discovered in 1922 AD it hadn’t moved an inch. Sure, it was dusty, but after a quick clean with a cloth, it shone as brightly as it did 3,247 years ago.