This king lived 3,222 years ago. The world was a different place then. The only things that could fly were birds and insects, the Sun was a rising and falling God and life expectancy was around 40 years.

What do you see when you look at this mummy? Do you see a king? Do you see a forgotten pharaoh? Or do you see an old man? The latter would be correct.

Merneptah was a son of Ramesses the Great and ruled for around 10 years. (1213-1203 BC). He was already around 70 years old when he ascended to the throne. This is a staggering achievement considering the harsh realities of ancient Egypt.

It is during Merneptah’s reign that the first ancient Egyptian record of Israel is recognised. The following is inscribed on the Merneptah Stele “Israel has been wiped out...its seed is no more." This stele is more commonly known as the Israel Stele and was created after the apparent utter destruction of Israel - not necessarily as a country, but as a people.

His mummy is preserved extremely well and his face even resembles that of his more famous father, Ramesses II.