Through this window lies the Siwa Oasis. A lush and fertile grove of green that stretches outwards towards the horizon.

This view would be a daily occurrence for a Siwan inhabitant. Imagine waking up and gazing through this window every morning.

The oasis is located in western Egypt, right on the border to neighbouring Libya. Most of its ancient residents spoke their own native language which was somewhat derived from any other dialect. They developed their own independent desert culture and thrived.

Alexander the Great supposedly reached the oasis by following birds across the desert. The oracle who was active there at the time apparently told Alexander that he was divine and his ascension to Pharaoh was legitimate.

It is unclear why Alexander made the trip to the Siwan Oasis. He had already liberated Alexandria at this point so his journey may be an embellishment.

The beautiful Siwan Oasis is just that - an oasis of beautiful, thriving ancient palms.