As you stare down this hallway you become lost in its splendour. The Sun squeezes through the gaps in the columns and illuminates the stone floor as it has done for the past 3,500 years.

I wonder who walked through these archways? Ancient priests going about their business. Pharaohs would have strode through these walkways inspecting the progress of construction. A vizier visiting the temple to pray to the gods would have surly walked up and down here dozens of times. Most of their names have been forgotten - lost to history in the ocean of time.

It’s like a copy of a copy of a copy. The architecture is so perfect and equal. The Egyptian artisans who planned and built this structure were the best in the world.

And the temple sits here still. It’s ancient embers steadily cooling and being reclaimed by the vicious desert that surrounds it. It is inevitable that it will crumble and fall and become one with the Egyptian sands.

We can only stop and marvel in awe at what the ancients have left in their wake.