The most famous pharaoh of all time came to the throne when he was just 8 years old. His father, Akhenaten, drastically changed Egypt’s religious beliefs from polytheistic to monotheistic.

It is safe to say that Tutankhamun was brought up to believe in only one god - Aten. So when his father died it was almost certainly not Tut’s decision to change Egypt’s religious system back to polytheism. The change would have come from his advisors.

They knew that the only way to fix the civil unrest in Egypt at the time would be to revert back to the old ways. A tactical and smart move.

Some scholars think that after Tut’s advisors reinstated multiple Gods back into Egyptian religion he continued to worship a single god - Aten. After all, he had been a monotheist all his life.

So did he die a monotheist? It is difficult to say. As he grew older he would have known the huge importance of appeasing the people and polytheism was the root of Egyptian mythology.

It’s quite possible that Tutankhamun secretly worshipped one god. On his own in his bed chambers, he could have quietly prayed to his fathers god - Aten.

We simply don’t know.