1. Insert a hooked instrument through a hole near the nose and pull out as much of the brain as possible.

2. Make an incision on the side of the body near the stomach. Usually the left side.

3. Remove all internal organs.

4. Let the internal organs dry.

5. Place the lungs, intestines, stomach and liver inside canopic jars.

6. Place the heart back inside the body.

7. Wash inside the body with wine and spices to make it smell pleasant.

8. Cover the body with natron (a type of salt) and leave for 70 days. This will dry the body out.

9. Fill the chest cavity with linen to bulk it up - this will give it a more pleasant shape.

10. Cover the body in oils and other preservatives to keep the skin supple and elastic.

11. When the body is dry cover it from head to toe in wrappings to protect it.

12. Put the body in a sarcophagus.

Congratulations. You just made a mummy.