Using sophisticated technology a team of scientists have recreated the face of one of the most mysterious mummies ever found - ‘The Younger Lady’. Latest 3-D imaging technology used the mummy's facial structure to bring the 3,400-year-old queen to life.

But it’s not the accuracy of her muscle depth and cheekbones that have caused controversy, it’s her skin colour.

Elisabeth Daynes crafted and recreated Nefertiti’s face over a painstaking 500 hours.

Aidan Dodson, an Egyptologist at Bristol University who was involved in the project, said in a statement. “It's extraordinary. When taken alongside the latest reading of the genetic data, this provides us with truly exciting evidence that the mummy of the Younger Lady is none other than Queen Nefertiti herself." An astute opinion.

So what about the skin colour? Many people took to the internet to express their concern that the skin colour is too light. The famous bust of Nefertiti depicts the famous queen with a slightly darker skin tone.

There is no way to know for sure the exact colour of Nefertiti’s skin.