Wearing fine clothes and looking at your best has always been a number one priority for humans. Ever since we started adorning our bodies with materials we have striven to impress others and show off our fineries. A show of wealth if anything else.

The same applied to ancient Egyptians.

Egyptian women during early ancient Egypt would usually wear straight dresses which were unpleated, simple and mostly transparent. One-shoulder strap was normal but two shoulder straps were also worn.

Egyptian men wore a kilt-like wrap around dress called a Shendyt. This garment came to just above the knees. Later, during the New Kingdom, men started to wear light tunics with sleeves.

For women of the New Kingdom, pleated and draped dress designs were worn. They would decorate their clothes with jewellery and fine headdresses. The more shiny things on their bodies the better.

Wigs were worn by both sexes. They were made of human hair and date palm fibre. Tight curls and narrow braids were the hairstyles of the day. And of course - both men and women wore makeup.

The above picture is somewhat an amalgamation of many styles. It wasn’t abnormal for women to bare their breasts freely.

Nudity was common in both men and women.