Ancient Egyptian history has fascinated and enchanted millions of people for hundreds of years. Ever since the first artefacts and tombs were uncovered, our interest in this mysterious civilisation has driven us to discover more and more about their way of life.

Artefacts such as Ushabtis, Amulets, Jewellery, Statuettes and Canopic Jars have made their way into people’s homes. Often they are passed down through families as heirlooms. They may have been picked up rather innocently hundreds of years ago and given to someone else as a gift.

Sometimes, these precious items are stored away in an attic or a cupboard, only to be found years later by someone who has no idea of their immense historical value.

It makes you wonder how many of these items have been discarded by pure accident. Dismissed as nothing more than an old trinket during a spring clean.

Others have been placed in the centre of a living room fireplace by a proud owner.

There must be thousands and thousands of uncatalogued artefacts circulating the world. Being passed down through the generations as something precious to hold onto.

If you ever find a strange-looking item in a box in an attic. Think twice before putting it in the trash bag.

It could be something special.