Ancient Egyptian history is full of huge epic battles. Some of which comprised of hundreds of thousands of troops on both sides.

Meggido, Kadesh, Sea People Wars, Pelusium and Actium are some of the more known battles of ancient Egypt. There were hundreds and hundreds of conflicts and battles over 3000 years.

Some of them were decisive victories for Egypt, others were decisive defeats where tens of thousands of people were slaughtered.

In 1457 BC, Pharaoh Thutmose III led 20,000 Egyptians into battle against 15,000 Canaanites. The result was a decisive victory for Egypt. This is known as The Battle of Meggido.

In 1274 BC, Ramesses II led 20,000 men into battle against an overwhelming force of around 50,000 Hittites. A tactical victory was claimed by Egypt, but tens of thousands of men perished. This is known as The Battle of Kadesh.

In 31 BC, Mark Antony led over 140 ships and over 20,000 of Cleopatra’s men against Octavian’s Roman fleet. Antony was soundly defeated. This is known as The Battle of Actium and eventually led to Egypt becoming a Roman province.

All of these battles were hugely important in Egypt’s history. It’s important to remember that many people were killed. They died, sometimes needlessly. Other times they were sacrificed to defend Egypt from foreign invaders.