The decorations on the walls of ancient Egyptian tombs were created by the most artistic and creative people who existed at that time.

Their perfect proportions and splendid colour have amazed people for thousands of years.

Seeing an illustration like this can give a behind-the-scenes feel. It isn’t often that you get to see the process of how these works of art were created.

The two men on the left are ancient artists. They would use a ‘grid’ to measure the proportions and get a sense of scale. Then, they would fill in their designs with paint and rub off the overlaying grid.

Some of these artists ‘grids’ have been found in tombs. That’s how we know this method existed.

The men on the floor to the right are discussing possible designs. What god would look best over there? - they would say to each other. How about we put Isis next to Osiris? - that would look best.

These ancient masterpieces didn’t happen by accident or come into existence on a whim. They were meticulously thought out and created by ancient minds and ancient hands.