This is the supposed Sarcophagus of Akhenaten. The face was once made of beautiful, shimmering gold. Now only a slither remains and the tempered wood is exposed.

As you can see, it has been destroyed and ruined by ancient people. His death was not enough for the people who followed in his wake.

The desecrators wanted to ensure that he didn’t reach the afterlife. So they hacked away at his beautiful coffin in an attempt to thwart his chances of everlasting life.

Why the radical show of hatred?

Akhenaten is famous for shifting ancient Egypt’s religious belief system from the worship of many gods to the worship of a single god. This sudden change brought hatred and dissidence.

It was only when he died that Akhenaten’s religion petered away. His son, Tutankhamun changed the religion back and was loved for it.

Looking at the alleged coffin of Akhenaten brings a sense of dread. He was hated in life and condemned in death.

Cursed to wander the Duat for all eternity.